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Peter Berard's advice is good.   Two other things might be of help.  The slot in the rubber where the strong string is placed can be lubricated with water less hand soap--the non abrasive kind.  Provides super slick flexing of the rubber.

Having installed dozens of window glass in various vehicles I learned that if the actual glass you are working with seems too large and all efforts fail to install it, it is (believe it or not) possible to grind the laminated (not tempered) glass down so it will fit.  Go to a good glass company and they will have abrasive discs to be used by an orbital grinder that is used to carefully cut down on the edge of the glass.  They will tell you to do the job carefully to not generate any heat.  When I badly needed that information the glass company actually gave me free of charge three adhesive backed discs.  I went home, and from time to time--so I didn't get carried away doing to much at one time--ground on the side of the glass that was a little too wide.   Don't know how much I took off but after a while the glass went in beautifully with help of a couple of people on the outside putting just the right amount of pressure while I pulled the string and used the plastic glass tool in a couple of tough places.

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Here is a method that was posted back in 2013.

"Peter Berard" <berard_m@...>07/08/13 #27940

I use a method my dad taught me in the 40s, when flat windshields were the norm.
First, get son tough spall string, I got the nylon kind typically used to snap a chock line.
put the rubber over the windshield glass and place the string in the dish washing soap lubricated outside grove. Slide the rubber onto the bottom body flange and force it tight to the outside flange. with someone holding the glass tightly outward to the outside flange. Pull the string from inside the car gently while shoehorning a bit with a bent screwdriver. Work slowly, and you might have to try this several times till ya get the hang of it.
Now, I found the present day rubbers to be quite fat so a lot of coursing will be needed.
Of course the size of the glass is critical, but I had mine cut using the old glass for a pattern, so I have to blame the rubbers. I'd have made the glass a eighth inch smaller in width and height if I'd known this, but I still got em in.
Hope this helps...............p

I have not tried it, so use at your own risk.


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Can anyone provide instruction, tips or tricks on installing windshield glass in a 51 CD.
Fighting with this ! Without success

Sandy Smith

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