Re: Temp sensor help needed

Jim Bollman

Two things, not really appropriate to post articles from past Quarterlies on the net. Black issues are available from our club store for $4/ issue.  If some one wants to mail a copy to Mike that is fine. The second thing, that isn't the article for putting modern guts in a stock garage, Jef Ackerman wrote that story. I think fairly recently. If no one posts it soon I will dig back through back issues and see if I can find it.


On Apr 4, 2019, at 4:01 PM, Saltsgaver, Mike <Mike.Saltsgaver@...> wrote:

Could someone scan & post that article to the website for us “newbies” who weren’t members in 2015?

Hella Electronics Corporation, 43811 Plymouth Oaks Blvd., 48170, Plymouth Michigan 
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