Info Wanted on 3/4 Midget

Jim Bollman

Phil Mendola sent me a picture and some history on a 3/4 Crosley powered Midget and was wondering if it still existed. He figured the current owner may not have the history.

Here is what Phil sent me.
"I just started corresponding with an old friend of mine from my hot rod days, back in the '50's & '60's. He sent  me a close up picture of a Crosley powered 3/4 midget race car. This car was raced at the Rochester War Memorial back in the late sixties. I myself  remember going to watch those races back then. The drivers name was Junior Stevens who was from Washburn, Iowa. Junior stayed at my friends house when he was here. He carried the race car in the bed of his pick up. He had a fresh Crosley motor in it, and ran the car in the empty parking lot at Charlotte Beach, to break it in a little bit more, before the race.  The car was also raced at Utica NY. Later he ran the car at a small track near the speedway in Daytona, and won that race.
Junior passed away several years ago. My friend doesn't know what happened to the car. It is possible that one of our members may have it now. I am sure if we can find out who, they would be interested in the early history of the car. Writing on the side of the car indicates Salem Speedway, in Salem Indiana. But, since Junior lived in Iowa, it may be that Paul Gorrell ended up with it or knows of it.  ???"

Any idea anyone?

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