Temp sensor help needed

Richard Helm

I'm looking for a little help and advice on the engine temp sensor. I accidently bumped the capillary tube while replacing the battery on my Hot Shot and now the gauge doesn't work. The end that goes into the block appears to be undamaged but there must be a bad spot on the tube. If I could locate the damage on the tube is there any hope in straightening it enough to make the gauge work again? If not, I have a couple other questions to clarify things:
  • Does anyone know the correct thread size where the bulb goes into the block? I bought a brass plug with 3/8" pipe thread but it appears to be a hair too big. I'd like to plug the hole so I can drive the car a little while waiting to get the gauge repaired.
  • Does the backing plate that holds the gauge into the gauge cluster on the dash have to be removed along with the gauge? I took one out about 20 years ago to get it fixed but don't remember this issue.
  • Does anyone have a recommended place to get the gauge repaired now that Bob Potts is no longer doing it?
Thanks for your help.

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