Re: Still Looking For Any History on My 1951 Supersports

Steve Olinger

          I purchased in Oct 2018 near Richmond Va from Robert Lewis. Before that it was near Raleigh North Carolina where a gentleman had listed it on Ebay  a couple times (Thanks Fred Syrdal for the photos he saved from Ebay and was also featured on the Barnfinds column May 2018) for his father in law. After speaking to him his father in law purchased it one morning at 5 am from a man in Vermont and no past history. The only history back of that is that it was last titled in 1962 in Indiana by Robert Christian from Clayton Indiana. It is very original car (which I Love) and Very surprised to see the HC stamped engine and the spot on the firewall for the Vitane tank! I then knew I had a factory  Vitameter car.    Thanks for any help!  I know I'm crazy for history.

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