Re: Further Crosley History Reading

Jim Bollman

I actually did talk to Paul Klotsch back in the late 70s early 80s. I never wrote up the notes I reconstructed afterwards. Wasn't really an interview. I have always planned to write up a story and probably should. I have found and misplaced the notes a couple of times. They are currently in the misplaced mode. As I recall most of my questions were about his time at Crosley.


On Mar 13, 2019, at 7:44 PM, Mike S <miso7@...> wrote:

Has anyone in the club published any stories on Chief Engineer Paul Klotsch?  In a brief review (found at "find a") it appears he lived a very interesting life (ex. pilot with Richthofen's flying circus in ww1!!!).  It shows he passed in 1991.  I can't believe someone from the club didn't interview him somewhere along the line.

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