1939 Coupe Convertible


Hi all, I tired to post a message back on Feb 11th but it never showed up, nor did I ever receive any replies.  So I am going to try again.

My name is Matt and I live in Iowa.  My dad has a '39 coupe convertible that he believes my grandpa bought new.  We recently got it running but are having carb issues.  It seams like its starving for fuel.  It starts right up and I did drive it around the driveway a bit but if I let off the gas and let it idle, it chokes itself out and dies.  We are looking to rebuild the carb but I am finding misleading information on the internet as to what I need for a rebuild kit.  The carb on the engine is a Tillotson model DY9C.  What I am seeing online is that the car should have model DY1A.  It is the only model listed for the '39.  Needless to say we are a bit confused and don't want to buy the wrong kit and then tear apart the carb and not be able to rebuild properly. 

Can anyone help me with this?

Also please note, my dad did say that my grandpa did buy a 2nd '39 many years ago to replace some parts on the one we have now.  We are not looking to restore this car completely but would really like to make it a driver and just tool around town and enjoy the car. 

Next thing on our agenda, is the brakes.  As long as my dad can remember, the brakes have never been very good on the car and actually rolled the car going around a corner when the brakes were completely gone (back in the 60s).  Any ideas on how to fix, adjust, or perhaps add hydraulic brakes? 

Attached are a couple of pictures of the car, the carb, and screenshot of the information I found about the carb online.

All thoughts, comments and suggestions are welcome!

Thank you all in advance

Matt Hellberg

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