Re: CC Clutch



It's virtually impossible to install the disc backwards, the hub will hit the flywheel.

Most likely, the new disc lining, is slightly thicker tan it should be. Very common occurrence.

Simple fix; put a flat washer, under the pressure plated mounting feet at each bolt (6 total). Then readjust your cable/linkage.

You want to have about 3/4 to 1 inch of free-play. When the clutch wears and you run out of adjustment, remove the washers and start over.

Unless there is another malfunction in your setup, this should do it. I've never seen or heard of a situation, that required more than one washer thickness to resolve the problem.


On 2/9/2019 7:25 PM, Michael Braun wrote:
I'm working on a 48 Pick Up.  .Although the engine was a good runner, I replaced it with a fresh rebuild.  I also replaced the working clutch & Pressure plate with new ones but left in place the old throw out bearing.  Now the clutch will not disengage and no amount of adjustment will make it work. I'm getting normal pedal travel and I can see the throw out bearing engaging the pressure plate.  I'm wondering if I put the clutch disc in backwards?  Is that possible? Any other thoughts as to what could be wrong?
Mike Braun


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