Re: Engine help


For sludge & crud, just standard cleaning procedures, solvent tank, engine degreaser, simple green, purple power, etc.

Brass scrub brush (use steel or stainless steel brushes with some restraint), a machine shop that still uses a hot tank is a fast way. Many newer shops use an oven, I wouldn't recommend that as the temperatures sometime run up to over 600 degrees.

If you can find a shop or someone with an ultrasonic cleaning tank, that's about ideal A soda blaster, also works well.

In other words, a lot of hard work or find some specialized equipment.


On 2/2/2019 7:56 AM, Jim Murphy wrote:
Jim just curious about how you to clean up a crank that has been sitting in a non-running engine for years. Not rusty but just an overall black, dirty finish. The journals look just like the throws. So far I can't distinguish any numbers. I assume degreaser, but then what? I understand you can't blast cast iron. Should the surfaces be lightly ground or sanded and can the journals be polished? Based on this thread maybe we should start a TV series on the History Channel titled "The Curse of the Crosley Crankshaft".


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