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I have a mild interest in the generator if no one else has spoken up. back around 1950 my father and grandfather worked at Master Electric here in Dayton, Oh. I believe this to have been a part of Master Vibrator, as I understand it, they made electric motors at M.E. possibly even the generator end. I may be wrong though and these may have been purchased and the unit only assembled from available parts. don't know where you are or what you would  need out of the thing, but bringing it back to Dayton and near Wright Patterson Air Force Base almost sound like a poetic place for it to be. it certainly could be an interesting piece at local shows, not necessarily as a restored or even running relic but a surviving part of history. on a trailer beside my "circus bear jeep" or another Crosley gives variety.  pictures and info would be appreciated.  thanks in advance,  Paul Rinehart

On 1/31/2019 10:16 PM, Tom Snider wrote:

At a recent local car show I had a gentleman come up to me and ask me if I’d be interested in a Crosley Generator….I now own it. I primarily wanted to keep it from being scrapped and would like to know if someone has an interest in it.

As per the ID plate it is a Dept. of the Air Force Model No.EG101ES, Serial # AKEG462, built by the Master Vibrator Co. of Dayton, OH. On 3/27/53. It is a 5KW generator.

I understood that all generators used the Tin Block motor, but would that still be true in 1953?

This motor is very complete with the magneto, Carter carb, etc., but has not been run in many years. It does have oil on the dipstick but is very milky. It is in a metal cabinet on skids and most gauges are there and the pan on this one has lines running through it from the radiator. Is that for cooling the oil or for warming it in cold weather??

I have pictures if anyone is interested in it.

I would also like any additional info on this or Crosley generators in general.


Tom Snider


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