My fist Croslet - Hot Shot in DC

Mike P


I won this awesome Hot Shot auction:

I don't have much time to bring it from DC to CT, due to my wife's health I can't spend much time away. I have a Trailex open trailer but it's too wide, would have to add boards to it. And it would be silly to bring my 24' enclosed trailer for it. I was wondering if anyone has tried a tow dolly with one of these cars??? If the roads are dry I could do that. Or if anyone in that area does delivery let me know. Or let me know if you just want to check it out with me and lend Crosley experience (I have none) if I don't end up getting a commercial transport company to deliver it.


Regards, mikeĀ  ~^v^~ aNaLoG.MaN ~^v^~ guitar effects


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