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thanks for the kind welcome..I have owned a lot of Crosleys in the past..this is a convertible..I will get pictures of it on sold like 4 years ago at Barrett Jackson is where he bought it..the carbs are needing to be rebuilt…we ordered kits for is in excellent could just google 1942 Crosley at Barrett jackson…it should pop up…I think there were a whole collection of micro cars and this was one of them that sold at BJ…I live in Gainesville Ga.  I have about 100 cars…used to be into small cars…I still have an Isetta and a Mischerschmdt.. only body style Crosley I didn’t own was the Farm or Road…never had one of them…I had several with the marvel Mystery system and several with the Nick Braje stuff on them,,,he was a nice old man…met him in California  very kind person..I am good friends with Bruce Weiner..he is the micro car king..never had too many Crosleys though..

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Bob,  You are on our Crosley Automobile Club site. Anyone that is connected to the site is able to see your comments. I would also like to know your location. As club president, Dave Anspach stated above, a few photos would be good. As chairman of the 2019 national meet, and our big 50th year celebration, I would ask you to consider donating the car, in your friends name, to the national club. It would be a great addition to the very popular silent auction and help make this very special year even greater.
  Respectfully,    Jeffrey Ackerman
Crosley Automobile Club
Vice President, Chairman of the meet

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pictures would be good, a 4 cyl swap into a pre-war is interesting.  BTW, is that your famous orange '71?

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