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as has been said, posted pictures are a good idea as well as a location.  first though unless you are fairly familiar with the Crosley line of cars, I would go to the Crosley Club website, hunt down the page for "Identifying Your Crosley" and verify that you do in fact have a 1942 automobile. it's in the white section of the page, below the yellow background section, listed under "Information."  there are sketches and VIN numbers listed to help you. cars back in the day had all kinds of title mistakes due to mis-typing, folks memories, sometimes even if the car was a left over and sold new in a later year.  the reason I mention this, a few months back there was a post war car on Craigs List for sale purporting to be a '42,  if this is the same car, the title is incorrect and the 4 cylinder engine would be an original or replacement engine of the correct setup. post pictures here, the good folks will be helpful and won't take away your birthday if you have said something wrong, they are understanding. I too would love to see a picture if it is a true prewar Crosley with a 4 cyl transplant, sounds intriguing.     Paul Rinehart

On Sat, Dec 15, 2018 at 4:30 PM Bob Johnson Johnson <gforcecuda@...> wrote:
I just got a 42 Crosley from a friend who is dying…it has the 4 cylinder later engine…my mechanic said it had 2 carbs…did anyone besides Braje make a two carb intake for them?  I want to sell it..don’t know how this site works.

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