Re: For Sale: CoBra Tin Block - CT - $250


Well, although the Tin Blocks, were probably not designed to be bored, I know that they can be, kind of.

I bored one, my first and last! Since the cylinders are steel, rather that cast iron, the cuttings come out as long steel strings rather than the dusty chips like cast iron. That makes it very hard to get a good cut.

Also, the liners are pretty thin, so they do flex some under the cutter pressure.

Finally, they don't hone out worth diddly. VERY hard on stones, trying to get/maintain good geometry and obtain a good wall finish.

Overall, a bad idea!


On 12/15/2018 11:15 AM, seb fontana via Groups.Io wrote:
As far as I know the Tin blocks were not boreable; so at best if cylinders not too bad a hone and new rings would be it..Butch what you know?  Seb.


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