Re: remove bell housing from crosley engine


Howdy Jim,

Depending upon which crankcase/bellhousing you have, it may or may not be removable with the crankshaft still installed.

The allen head "bolt" that you found, is NOT a bolt, but in fact is the rear plug, in the main oil galley. It does NOT need to come out, to remove the bellhousing. In some instances, they are all but impossible to remove, heat is frequently required.

The only thing attaching the bellhousing to the rear of the crankcase is, 4 bolts AND 2 dowel pins. Possibly some gasket sealer also.

Tap gently with a rubber mallet and the bellhousing should come loose.


On 11/9/2018 3:02 PM, Jim Hostetter wrote:
I have removed the four obvious bolts that bolt the bell housing to the engine but I can't remove the bell housing. I found a recessed allen head bolt buried under all the grease. I have tried penetrating fluid, heat, and smacking the bolt with a hammer and can not break the bolt loose. Does anyone have any other methods of attach. Would greatly appreciate any input.
Thank you

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