Re: Cardboard deflectors around radiator

Barry Smedley

Made mine out of aluminum painted them black, hold up very well.


       Barry Smedley


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They are very simple. You have a radiator support running across the front. The cardboards fill in the two gaps on either side of the radiator from the upper support down to the lower support. The one on the horn side has a hole cut in it for the horn bell to stick through. Look close and you will see the holes in the upper and lower support  for the clips that hold the boards. The lower 1" inch or so of the cardboards is bent at a 90 deg and the clips go down into the support while the upper ones go in horizontal. Give it a look and you will see . The one everyone misses is the one in the hood. Look close at the hood and  how the air flows and you will see how it is shaped.I go to the local supply that sells 1/8" foam core for sign boards. Sign shops put vinyl graphics on it. Won't rot or decay.

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