Re: Oil Filler Tube


Look behind the front pulley, at the front crank seal area. Does the engine have a "one piece" seal but no retaining screws (located at about the "10 and 2 o'clock positions)?

I have had a lot of crankcases in that configuration. As I understand it, those were commercial crankcases (Thermoking, I believe) and the oil fill was on the oil pan. I had a lot of NOS oil pans, with the oil fill on the front, the oil filler cap, also had a short dipstick attached to it.

I was made, painfully aware of those details, when I was building an engine a few years ago. The engine was completed and I went to install the oil fill tube, that's when I discovered the absence of the boss for it.

Complete teardown and start over, very LONG night, but a happy customer in the end.


On 10/20/2018 8:23 PM, Jim Bollman wrote:
I would agree accept to say not all CoBra's had fillers, some did. All engines that started life as cast block engines did. What is the engine number on the side of the crankcase.�


On Oct 20, 2018, at 8:13 PM, Tim Hamblen via Groups.Io <flinttim@...> wrote:

More than likely, even though it is a "CIBA" the lower crankcase was reused from a COBRA. They did not have a filler tube.


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