Re: Changing wiring harness

Richard Williams

It is easy to remove the old one by just cutting it out but the new wiring is some what of a problem to get back in place. The harness I got for Service Motors at $550 has the correct connections and then you just have to follow the wiring schematic. Takes time but worth it. Be patient. Good luck. 

On Thursday, October 18, 2018 5:32 AM, Ron Dole <rdole417@...> wrote:

As I was working on my 49 Sedan restoration yesterday, I came to a sad conclusion. When I was pulling out the torn cardboard radiator sides, I found several of the wires were dry rotted and the insulation was cracking off. I did more checking, and found several other spots where this was happening. Well, it makes sense to go big, and change the whole wiring harness, to avoid future wiring problems. My question is, who have you used as a new harness supplier, and were you happy with it? There are several listed in the Crosley parts suppliers listing. Did anyone have problems with a particular suppliers harness? Did it come with correct terminals?  I see prices vary from about $500 to about $700. 


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