Re: No high end power

Gabriel Haddad

Awesome! And just in time to get a nice drive in before the season ends.

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Dave Anspach gets the prize for guessing the answer to the problem, or at least the larger portion of the problem. Ted Dellacamera came up this weekend and helped me figure out the problem with no high end power. Part of the problem was the valves were in fact adjusted too tight. Ted showed me how to adjust them, now I know how. The next issue was, I had my brakes set up a bit tight. The biggest issue was the fuel pump !  When I had checked it initially, it pumped fuel out of the open line. Apparently not enough or possibly erratically. The next pump I tried was brand new, off my shelf. I installed it, and still no change in power !  I would have never guessed the new pump could be bad !  Ted said, Ok, we have good spark, we have a good condenser, the valves are adjusted perfectly, the carb is set perfectly, it must be fuel. We pulled another older style pump off my shelf that was marked good. We installed that pump, and Presto ! The wagon now has plenty of high end power !  Thank you for all of the suggestions !  I took the kids out today for a nice ride in the countryside and down to the apple farm !  Thank You Ted, I could not have done it without you !

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Good news if that does the trick!

I was going to ask if by some chance you had one of the factory restrictor plates they shipped on new cars in there. It was a long, long shot. :^)

Have fun, Jeff!

- Park

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