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I believe we have found the problem. I have checked and double checked all suggestions. It seems that the valves are adjusted too tight. Especially the exhaust valves, they are set at .004 and should be at .007 - .009 .  Ted is coming up to show me how to adjust them and fix the problem. Thank you again for all suggestions.

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Question to the military engine experts:  On the engines with the retarded cam timing, were the cam timing gears marked one tooth off or were they standard parts just installed one tooth off?

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Like Butch, I was thinking about the valve timing.  Military engines had the cams set so they could run all day long at 3000 rpm – offset by one tooth.  Neil Daglow once told me about a wagon he had.  He could never get it above 30 mph.  Then he realized he had a military engine.  Reset the camshaft and voila!  The car ran great.


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While you have the cam cover off, checking the valve clearances, double check the camshaft timing, more than just the marks lining up.

Piston one at TDC (double check the second flywheel mark, by using a screwdriver in the #1 cylinder spark plug hole), the camshaft lobes should be symmetrical across the "clock face".

This has all of the markings of slightly advanced camshaft timing.


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Ok guys,  Been a good portion of the day trying to figure this out. Still have not found the problem. I tried a short fuel line directly off the fuel pump and into a bottle of fuel, still no high end power. I took the exhaust system off. Inspected the pipe from the manifold, and checked for any blockage. Installed the pipe without the muffler. Still no high end power. I really feel that my timing is dead on, as it starts with one touch, idles very well and revs at a standstill with no drag at all. I put another new condenser on just to be sure. I am pretty much out of ideas. Tomorrow afternoon I am going to pull the valve cover and check the valve clearances. Then I am going to pull a carb from another Crosley that I run all the time and install it on this engine. I am open to any ideas anyone may have.



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No it would not affect the car sitting still while reving the engine.  I can not tell you the exact technical aspects why but it only happens under load.  As I mentioned, just went through this exact same thing with my wife's car and the cat converter breaking up and partially plugging the exhaust.  The car ran seemingly fine up to about 40 mph then just fell on it's face.  It took us a bit of head scratching and testing to come up with something that was actually very simplistic.  


Like I said...just because something is NEW means nothing.  I recently was given a VW bus for FREE because the owner gave up on being able to make it run right.  After about 10 minutes of inspecting I found a good sized hole under a cold weld on the brand new intake manifold. It was a HUGE vacuum leak and the van would never get over 30 mph.  I welded it shut and the van drove perfect.  So new exhaust or not, an internal baffle could have slipped during assembly or some chip munks used the exhaust to hide acorns.  Who knows...just thinking outside the box here.  Seems you have exhausted (get the pun) every option but this one.  


Keep us updated I would love to hear what happens.


BTW I think you mentioned it was rebuilt...but how is the timing advance working on that distributor?  I would check that too.  No matter what was rebuilt I would STILL check it all out and not assume because it was rebuilt something is working properly.




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Todd,  I will pull the muffler tomorrow morning and see how it goes. I have checked everything going into the engine.  I have not given any consideration to exhaust until I read your your suggestion this evening. I will let everyone know what I find tomorrow.


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Thanks again Todd, please don't think anyone was doubting your expertise.  Thank you for contributing it.  Jeff has done a number of Crosley restorations and this problem has got him baffled. As such no ideas will be discounted. LBtw, Jeff confirmed it was a new Dave Edwards exhaust that had been installed just before the engine. Certainly, Rechecking for exhaust blockage is something to be considered .   But I have a question, wouldn't blocked exhaust have also expressed itself in acceleration of the engine at rest?


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I ran a Restoration shop for 20 years and still do it on the side.  Restoration 101- NEVER make assumptions.  Just because this is a "new restoration" a red flag went up immediately with your comment "and it is a new exhaust...I THINK".  You need to check it.  


Dealing with aftermarket parts I have had DOZENS of odd failures and issues from NEW parts that took weeks to track down.  All due to poor manufacturing quality.  One of the internal baffles in the exhaust may have slipped into the incorrect position or was welded in improperly.   Also...I have seen on several occasions restored vintage cars that have been stored over winters that have the exhaust filled debris by hibernating rodents.  Even nice buildings have mice....


But it is your car and do with this info as you please, but discounting it without finding the cause is not a good idea. Keep the info in back of your mind and when you run out of other ideas check into it.  It could very possibly be the cause.  That is a CLASSIC plugged exhaust symptoms you have.  


Good Luck 


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Another good thought Gabe, Jeff told me the car at rest would rev all the way up with no problem.  It also seemed to go to top end in first gear, however under load of second and third would not speed up.


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Jeff, Is throttle linkage being restricted?


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Yes,  A new exaust system, and everything else completely restored. I will have some time tomorrow late afternoon to work on a couple of suggestions. I will let you know how it turns out.


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Nice idea Todd, but this is a new restoration with, (I think) a new exhaust system.  






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