Re: Engine won't start

Richard Williams

First I would make sure that it was wired right. The front most should be #1 then counter clock wise with the rest. Its easy to get the wires in clock wise. Remove the cap and with power on turn over the engine watching to see if it sparks the points every time they open.

On Sunday, September 2, 2018 8:41 PM, Clell <cballard@...> wrote:

Carefully try towing it.  That is often the secret to get some difficult engine running, especially after sitting a long time.  Have had engines that have sat for over 20 years that would fire but not keep running.  After pulling to get the engine running for the first time it always started with the battery.  It is almost like the starting system takes so much juice that there isn't enough to make the engine run.  Towing avoids that problem.

On 9/2/2018 9:20 PM, Joe Brownsberger wrote:
What Gas are you running? Your timing seems far to advanced if your using low octane fuel. 12 degrees BTDF would be better for octane close to 100. It might be a possible vacuum leak as well.

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Check the condenser..

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Well been working on this all morning. Compression is up slightly but not a huge improvement. Pulled the points and cleaned them and reset to .020. Checked the insolation for the points at the distributor with my ohm meter and it was fine. Will fire occasionally but will not sustain this enough to run. Anyone around Columbus Ohio as I'll haul this to anyone that thinks they can help. Don't know what else to try.

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