Re: Engine won't start

L.E. Hardee

If you have already put oil into the cylinders, you might let it soak in a day or two to loosen any stuck rings.  If it is firing some, you might try cranking the starter with 12 volts to spin the engine faster.  You can leave the ignition and all other electrics on your 6v battery and just use a jump box or jumper cables directly to the starter. Just don't engage the solenoid!  Remember to put positive to the ground.  I have cranked a whole lot of old 6v tractors with 12 volts when their compression was too low to hit on 6 volts starting power.  It is not real good for the bendix and flywheel because the starter slams in hard but if only done occasionally should not cause a problem.  Once you get it started and running for a while, the rings should reseat and compression will be normal again. 

On Sun, Sep 2, 2018 at 11:34 AM, Joe Lofink via Groups.Io <lofinjos@...> wrote:
Well been working on this all morning. Compression is up slightly but not a huge improvement. Pulled the points and cleaned them and reset to .020. Checked the insolation for the points at the distributor with my ohm meter and it was fine. Will fire occasionally but will not sustain this enough to run. Anyone around Columbus Ohio as I'll haul this to anyone that thinks they can help. Don't know what else to try.

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