Re: Speedometer Repair

Richard Williams

There is a small hole at they top of the back side of the speedometer. I put several drops of good old W-D40 in the felt. You can turn the speedometer using a variable speed drill. Make sure it turns the right direction. Do this several times. It frees the shaft and the put in 2 drops of 3 & 1 oil. Mine worked fine after this. Also pull the speedo cable out and lub with black grafite. Puff it in as you reinsert the cable a little at a time. If you use oil you will have a mess. Good luck.

On Saturday, September 1, 2018 7:39 AM, nobadrivers <scanner2@...> wrote:

Are you sure the issue isn't caused by the cable?  Can you drive the speedometer with an electric drill to eliminate the cable and see if the speedometer still makes the noise?  Just a thought.  Would hate to see you go through the expense of a speedometer tune up only to find out it's the cable giving you the problem. 

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