Re: Converting 6" mechanical brakes to hydraulic (not going to 9" but keeping the 6" drums)

Jim Bollman

To add more noise to the 6" hydraulic story, Dave Edwards sent me the following photos. "Bud" Wachholz in Columbus OH, a race car builder & parts supplier, also made a 6" conversion. Dave has two different castings from Wachholz, the top one is on the backing plate shown in the second  photo, both are 3/4". Dave also said the Ryan's (the ad I posted earlier) were brass & the Wachholz are both cast iron.


On Sep 1, 2018, at 9:18 PM, Tim Hamblen via Groups.Io <flinttim@...> wrote:

<IMG_20180901_211313.jpg>New Mini wheel cylinders came today. I have this one just sitting on top of the top lug the shoes fit under to show. Looks promising. I'll grind the welds off the lug and check for a better fit.

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