Engine won't start

Joe Lofink

Help! I'm restoring a tractor that has a Crosley CIBA engine that I bought used to replace the original Cobra engine. Test ran it when I first bought then cleaned it up for the tractor. This was a couple of years ago. Back on the project now and tried to start the engine and she will not even pop most of the time, even when using starting fluid. I installed new hoses, gaskets, points, condenser, distributor cap, 6 volt coil, wires and plugs. Timing light shows that I have it set at 12 degrees BTDC, points are set at .020 and plugs at .025. While cranking coil wire shows a nice blue spark when I hold it to the block. Check compression and all cylinders are right around 80 psi. Any suggestions on what to try next. 

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