Re: Converting 6" mechanical brakes to hydraulic (not going to 9" but keeping the 6" drums)

Tim Hamblen

I have ordered a couple of the Mini Cooper cylinders. Kinda buying a pig in a poke since about all I know is what a picture shows. I stopped by local O'Reillys and looked at  what is on the shelf but nothing would work, too big. My 49 has both styles of mechanicals on it, the welded shoes and the cast steel ones. The welded shoes seem to be a good candidate as seen in the pictures. The cast shoes are a bit of a pain as they have nothing to hold them while you slip the drum on.They might be a candidate for the typical "Pin, spring and washer" system used.While cleaning up some backing plates I have I found yet another variant in mechanical brakes. One had an adjuster I had never seen before.

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