Re: Converting 6" mechanical brakes to hydraulic (not going to 9" but keeping the 6" drums)


I had a set of those conversions that I sold at Wauseon in 2010.  Required making a slight modification to the brake shoes as well.    In the 90’s Joey DeLorenzo did a neat conversion of 6 inch to disc.  He turned down the 6 inch drum to make it a hub for disc brake rotor.  I believe the disc brake was off a Vega or a Fiesta.  He wrote an article for the Quarterly at the time.



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Here is the picture Tim is referring too. I did some more digging and found some pictures Ron Marson sent me back a few years. They were on one of his cars. If Tim's project goes forward I have posted in the Crosley-Gang Restoration Photos an adapter to put the master Cylinder on a mechanical brake car, that the factory supplied that requires minimum modification. It would be easy to make for a fabricator.






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Looking thru an old Quarterly last night I saw a picture of a conversion that was sold years ago (Jim B put the picture in there) and Jim was asking if anyone had seen one. It used a small wheel cylinder. Well, it got me to thinking and researching and I found there are very small wheel cylinders on the market for the old Mini Coopers. 1//2 and 3/4 " bores.Jim's picture seems to show that the old adjusting system was reused and the cylinder up top replacing the round piece at top that the shoes went under. At first glance it appears doable .The wheel cylinders are fairly cheap, under 20 bucks, even under 15. I'm thinking of ordering one to use on some old backing plates to fab something up.The add says it uses some standard Lockheed / Wagner parts too. Has anyone ever seen one of these old systems or know of someone doing the retrofit ? With the scarcity of 9" brakes now it might be a viable fix.


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