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To mate the Crofton transmission (T96 Jeep / Rambler / Kaiser) transmission to the Crosley engine, you need a Crofton bell housing.  That will be difficult to find.  The crossmember is not a fit.  The Crofton transmission is much larger than the Crosley transmission.  Next you have the problem of adapting the closed torque tube of the Crosley to transmission.  I own both a Crofton Bug and Crosleys.  I recommend practicing your double-clutching on the Crosley before attempting to do put the Bug transmission into your Crosley.


-Steve M.


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Subject: [Crosley-Gang] Transmission question / upgrade


I have a 1950 Crosley station wagon. I'd like to make it more of a daily driver by upgrading the transmission, specifically something with spiral cut gears and synchronizers. I've seen pictures of a Crofton Bug transmission and it appears to have exactly what I'm looking for. Can a Crofton Bug transmission be mated to a Crosley engine and tranny cross member?

Thank you

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