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Don't think there are seals in the wiper motors. When I opened mine up to restore them found a gob of grease that had gone solid. On that basis solvent is a good way to fix the motors.

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Date: Tue, Aug 21, 2018 10:54 AM
Subject:[Crosley-Gang] Restoring vacuum wipers

Hot tip for rejuvenating vacuum wipers...

On Erick’s 1965 Rambler they were barely functional. At the time they would swipe left across a wet windshield, but barely creep back to the right, and sometimes not at all.

I hooked a short piece of fuel line to the intake nipple on the vacuum motor, and dripped in Lucas Transmission Fix (which is supposed to renew seals). We worked the wipers by hand for a minute or two to suck the goo through the motor. It didn’t seem to help.

A week later I turned on the wipers, and WOW! The wipers work great and at a variety of speeds, and they work without too much variation at various throttle settings. We can live with these. Check out this video, driving through a thunderstorm in Oklahoma....

We also treated the windshield with Rain-X, which helps even when the wipers aren’t running.

Haven’t  tried this on my Crosley yet, but assume it would work as well there. 

- Park

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