Re: Crosley frame strength?

L.E. Hardee

Care to share how to adapt the Spriget trans to the bell housing and the torque tube?  To me the stock Crosley transmission is the drawback to the whole car.  A good set of the 9" brakes will stop the car on a dime.  I almost had the rear axle lift off the ground in a panic stop with my 52 wagon because I had so much braking on the front axle.  But the ratio gap between 2nd gear and high is a killer.  You have to rev the engine to the extreme and even then you lug the engine when you shift to high.  And forget a quick down shift back to second with the lack of synchronization.

The Crosley engine is a low power, high rev engine.  You NEED a transmission able to keep the engine in the highest part of it's power curve to get the best out the engine for a pleasurable drive experience.  I would love to find a compact 5 or even 6 speed tranny that would fit with out butchering the car body.  I have even briefly thought about converting a motorcycle trans but the lack of reverse kinda kills that.

BTW, I am assuming that the reference to Sprigit is meaning either AH Sprite or MG Midget.  Am I correct?

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Remember BRAKES!!!!  I have a Homelite waiting to be retro fitted for my 47CC...Also a Spriget trans that I have figured how to adapt to T'tube and bolt to stock bell housing..Sorta have eye on AH rear axle...I haven't settled on brakes yet so I so not proceeding with engine or trans....I drive my Crosley all over the state sticking to roads that have a max speed limit of 50 mph when going far but mostly 35 mph or so so when doing errands....I just can't take the time to fix whats not broke; having too much fun just enjoying the car and a challenge to see how many times I can shift without grinding the gears..I don't think Powel envisioned that the Crosley would be be such a fun little car.!!..

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