Re: Crosley frame strength?

seb fontana

Remember BRAKES!!!!  I have a Homelite waiting to be retro fitted for my 47CC...Also a Spriget trans that I have figured how to adapt to T'tube and bolt to stock bell housing..Sorta have eye on AH rear axle...I haven't settled on brakes yet so I so not proceeding with engine or trans....I drive my Crosley all over the state sticking to roads that have a max speed limit of 50 mph when going far but mostly 35 mph or so so when doing errands....I just can't take the time to fix whats not broke; having too much fun just enjoying the car and a challenge to see how many times I can shift without grinding the gears..I don't think Powel envisioned that the Crosley would be be such a fun little car.!!..

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