Re: Crosley frame strength?

Mike <seller432@...>

I was thinking of the s10 4cyl platform. About 120hp mated to a 5 speed manual. 98-03 has the aluminum head and plastic intake was told they weigh about 150 w/o accessories. Plus I’d have it tuned to remove emission stuff and remove a/c.  Plus these trucks rot out around here and no one likes them do to under powered so they sell cheap.  
It’s hard where I’m at as every thing was scrapped or is severely rotted and difficult to find there’s 1 junkyard with old cars but he’s so over priced on stuff.  

On Aug 9, 2018, at 11:38 AM, Jim Bollman <Jim@...> wrote:

Lots of good suggestions. If you want to do a lot less work but get a little more power converting to what a lot of us call a Crosley Big Block would more than double your horse power and not add much if any weight and would require no structural changes.  For those that don't know what a CBB is, the Crosley engine continued with modification and improvements till 1972, under multiple companies. The last two turns of the crank were the Homelite 55 and Fisher Pierce Bearcat 55 outboard boat engines.  The 55s were basically the same engine, they were 59CI because of bigger bower and stroke. They put out 55hp stock and with carb and exhaust improvements can get 60-70hp with no other modifications.Takes a bit of machining to put them back into  car but a stock Crosley crankcase still works. The stock transmission and rear can be used if you don't push the burn outs and such to much.

So that gives you more acceleration, but you still have a crash box 3 speed and 5:17 rear, but the can be upgraded as you go. Under the hood, to the none Crosley expert, it will look fairly stock.

Just another option.


On Aug 7, 2018, at 9:29 AM, Mike via Groups.Io <seller432@...> wrote:

I was thinking of doing an engine swap in my 50 sedan but don't really want to get into building a new frame.  I was thinking a gm 2.2 4cyl from a s10 pickup keeping the efi and the 5spd manual trans. I'm just not sure if the frame will support this? I was thinking of beefing up suspension components for additional weight.  


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