Re: Anyone tried the 4.80-12 Radials?

Jane Altman

The guy who bought my delivery truck put white Walls on and they look really nice.  I'll see if he will share thoughts

On Sun, Aug 5, 2018, 3:05 PM Todd Swangstu <bastardbus@...> wrote:
Strange, I just noticed not only do they make a 145-12 Radial tire they make a radial tire with the bias ply size rating at 4.80-12.  

Has anyone tried these?  I prefer the LOOK of bias plys over common radials.  Do these 4.80R-12 radials LOOK like the 4.80 bias plys?  Same size ?  and how is the handling? 

Anyone have pics of them on their car?  I would love to see how they look.


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