Re: Crosley frame strength?



The front springs are already marginal/under rated for the standard Crosley package, with just a driver in place. Also, if using the Crosley front axle, make SURE that you have the 5/8" axle system, rather than the 1/2".

With increased power comes increased speed and even the 9" brakes (the best ones Crosley ever used) are adequate but definitely NOT overly powerful.

Cracks in the frame, are FAR from unknown, so reinforcing would NOT be just and option, but almost mandatory.

Since you would probably be changing the differential (due to the open vs closed driveshaft), the limitations of the stock Crosley rear end, don't come into play.

Just my idle thoughts,


On 8/7/2018 9:29 AM, Mike via Groups.Io wrote:
I was thinking of doing an engine swap in my 50 sedan but don't really want to get into building a new frame.  I was thinking a gm 2.2 4cyl from a s10 pickup keeping the efi and the 5spd manual trans. I'm just not sure if the frame will support this? I was thinking of beefing up suspension components for additional weight.  



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