Re: Anyone tried the 4.80-12 Radials?

Ron D.

I needed to replace the 50+ year old tires on my project car. On Amazon, I bought 5 - GT Radial Maxtour 145/80R12 tires at $22.20 each, with free prime shipping. It seams every time I go back and look at the tires, Amazon has a different price. They have gone from the $22.20 I paid all the way up to $50, and anywhere in between. Today they are at $27.98. They seem to change the price like the stock market. Anyway, since my car is still under restoration, I have not been able to try them out, but they look like a decent tire. Especially for the amount of miles they will probably see.  I wanted the car tire look, as opposed to the trailer tire look, and these fit the bill.

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