Re: special engine tool


I wondered about the distributor wrench once I saw the post about turning it into a "U"  when Jaks said that it was a "smack my temple with the heel of my hand" moment. thanks all, now I will do something besides stare at those 2 nuts and scratch my neck. it'll take longer to make the tool than get them off but the pleasure of "I did it" wins out. that's the 47 convertible.
first today I'm chasing the engine surge in the runabout (Saturday pictures from Wauseon near the bottom right column). today I try plugs, rotor, timing, and maybe wires. it idles pretty decent, responds to the throttle no load but surges and falls flat, back and forth just off idle under load. get it moving, full throttle and it chirps the tire going into second, really strong, but heck it probably doesn't weigh 600 lbs and has a grabby clutch. I changed the Tillitson main jet because the other one was screwed almost in to keep it from leaking. checked the fuel pressure, sprayed the carb throat, the easy ,cheap stuff.
why do I keep buying things cheaply and wondering why they're not perfect? Becky likes it because it keeps me in the driveway not the bars..   Paul Rinehart

On 7/29/2018 12:53 PM, Tim Hamblen via Groups.Io wrote:
Of the five we have , I have pulled the engines on 3 and being on a stand sure helps. But I too have ground a 1/2 " wrench to work. The smaller nuts that Service has work well too. I generally use several tools to get them tight. A quarter inch drive ratchet, extension and socket help in the beginning. One of the old distributor wrenches help too.

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