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Hey Dug;
What happened to the Hotshot you had for sale?

--- In Crosley_Gang@y..., Dug Behnke <deeyugee@y...> wrote:
Thanks for writing back. I'll be leaving
(NC)tomorrow for NY. I'll be in the city for a little
mini-vacation over he weekend, but will be heading out
to Long Island on Monday evening. I'm borrowing a
friend's digital camera so can take a couple of quick
photos and post them then.
I have found out that it is, in fact, a 1950 Hot

Talk with you later,

--- hal kolding <bethalk@h...> wrote:
Hello Dug, I am in Connecticut, not too far away,
have a trailer available
to borrow for pickup, and am interested. Keep me
posted, I would like to
learn more on rust situation(mechanical not as
important). Also, what are
you asking for it? Thanks, Hal
ICQ# 52865221

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