Re: Anyone know the original Crosly 4.5-12 tire dimensions ?

L.E. Hardee

Just a note:  While the smaller tire diameter could indeed cut your speed at a given rpm, it will also increase your torque.  This will allow for faster acceleration and could actually increase the top speed if you don't mind your engine rpm being higher.  BUT, how many of us want to go over 70 mph in a Crosley anyway.  Once was enough for me.  I was 16 and crazy to do it then. 

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Be creful with 530 x 12.  Put those on my 48.  Okay in the rear.  Rubbed the fender on the front when turning.


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Just picked up my car today and took a look and what a strange thing I found they are all marked ARCO 530/450-12 tires.  Interesting they have two sizes marked on em.  I did some research online and indeed the 480/12 are 20.5 inch and the 530/12 are 21.5.  Since Jim said his original spare 450 measure 21.5 and I see no issues with rubbing with the 21.5 ARCO 530/450s on mine I am going to go with the new 530-12s too.  I think the last thing a Crosley needs is a shorter tire to drop maximum speed even more.

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