Re: What is best spot to tie down Crosley wagon for towing?


I use axle straps over the outer ends of both the front and rear axles secured to the trailer with ratchet straps to go with a secure 4 point tie down.  I then use two more tie downs behind the front wheel running from the spring shackle to the trailer for extra security.  I had a cousin driving a Suburban killed when a Ford Escort came off a car dolly towed by an RV.  No car of mine will come off my trailer.


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I would not use a tie point in the center of the axle, it could bend the axle if you tie down to hard or hit some bumps, especially the pre 1950 axle that was lighter weight. I always do two in the front and two in the back either straight or crossed your choice. Tie in the front outboard of the leaf springs making sure your are looping around just the axle and not part of the steering linkage. On the back I again go outboard of the springs, be sure not to get any of the brake lines or cables in the loop around the axle, again either straight or crossed. I have used chains and straps, both are fine but don't use the really light weight cheap straps they sell at Harbor Freight or other box stores, be sure they are rated for the load you have. 


Being a belt and suspenders kind of guy I always add a single chain to the front, not pulled tight just as a last ditch in case the worse happens, the car will not roll into traffic behind me. I usually just loop that around a front spring shackle since it will only pull tight if something completely unexpected happens. 


A lot depends on how far your trailering too, if only a short distance you can be a little less cautious than if you're going hundreds of miles.




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I am towing my first Crosley home.  Any recommendations on best spots underneath to tied down the vehicle to the trailer? Thanks Todd


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