Re: Anyone know the original Crosly 4.5-12 tire dimensions ?


Smith Enterprises,  Tony Smith,  is a Crosley club member and advertises in the quarterly. He has the proper size tires. 260-665-2168    He will ship them to you.

On Wed, Jul 25, 2018, 2:30 PM Todd Swangstu <bastardbus@...> wrote:
I am looking at buying new tires for my Crosley Wagon and read someplace the original 4.50-12 bias plys were larger then even the 4.80-12s available today.  The tire numbering is usually a direct measurement of the tire so not sure if this is true.  Thus I am looking for someone with a low mileage Crosley or even an unused spare with a known original 4.50-12 still on it they could measure to figure out proper tire specifications.  As we all know a slight change in tire dimension greatly alters the effective MPH of any vehicle and this is quite important to good drive ability and speed.  Thanks for any help offered! Todd

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