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Fifteen years ago our neighbors were the local pastor and his family. One day the 4 year old came over and asked, "Is that a clown car?" Now where did that come from? When Tyson Friday and I drug home the barely recognizable remains of a 48 pickup, the pastor came over and asked, "Would you like me to give it last rites?"

I am quite proud to own cars that bring a smile to so many faces. Yes, there are those in the automotive collector community that turn up their nose at the "dumpy, dowdy Crosley" (quoting a 1948 Chrysler memo), but there is a whole world of people out there that are amazed and amused by seeing a Crosley. Crosleys aren't about being bigger, faster, and badder than anybody else. They're about being unique and different. Crosleys aren't about being wimpy or underpowered, it takes a lot of nerve to drive a Crosley around town.

I have received more thumbs up driving my Crosleys than I ever received driving my wife's Mustang GT Convertible. She has received more compliments on her Fiat 500 than any other car she has driven. Small cars fascinate folks. Be an ambassador, be an evangelist, share the good news of great gas mileage and America's first successful sub-compact. Powel Crosley, Jr. was a daring entrepreneur, let's keep that spirit alive. Crosleys - More Smiles per Gallon than any other car on the road.

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oh yeah, have a friend who puts it out but can't take it, he's 70 and
remembers the circus and a Crosley Fire truck ride from a park in
upstate NY. he rides me to no end. his name is Jim but he wants to be
called Harley because he has an incomplete, rough servicar, his dad's
1948 Harley 45 suicide shift that he can't keep running, and a newer hog
dresser worth probably 12K but he has close to 35 in it due to
breakdowns, engine rebuilds, etc. he has a 30/31 Model A sedan body
buried 20 years in the garage and the Chrysler hemi from his first car,
a 54 New Yorker. nothing else but he's building a street rod. you know
whose chops I like to bust by parking a running Crosley in front of his
house. Paul

On 7/23/2018 7:28 AM, Ron Dole wrote:, his dad's 1948
I hear the same stuff when I show pics of my car to people. I can't
wait till I get her back together and running. Then I will really hear
it once it's out in the public view. It's never from the older
generation. Only from people born in the 60's and later. I would guess
it's because most of them have never seen a Crosley, and don't know
what to say about it.

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