Re: NooB from Ohio


"clown cars??"  yup, I missed them, but politically correct might be  "diminutive vehicles, some holding as many as twenty passengers, for circus performer transportation and support."  I proudly brush my orange hair out of my eyes and stretch my suspenders from my puffed chest when I say that.  I don't call people names, I salute them for being individuals out of the mainstream. owning a Crosley or two is NOT conformity. bowing and tipping my big, floppy, multi-colored hat to you my lady. it requires "intestinal fortitude" to be different...the ability to laugh at one's self helps. :-) Paul

On 7/22/2018 9:20 PM, jane altman wrote:
... You forgot to mention "clown car"... My response? You wouldn't be the first to call me a clown..

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