Re: Home Again

Gabriel Haddad

Good to hear you made it home safely jaks!

On Sun, Jul 22, 2018, 8:52 PM Jaks via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Just b4 going to the phairgrounds phor the Crosley Nationals our RV phuel pmp phailed and the gas tank sprung some leaks. The roundside on the trailer was towed to the phairgrounds and the RV was towed to Chevy.  We got to the nationals, had the roundside phor getting around and clean accommodations and good company at the M Star motel. Our time this year was divided between the club meet and  getting our 20 year old RV phixed, It wound up taking the phollowing week to get it done but the phollowing Phiday morning in the rain we Rain-Xed the roundside's windshield phor the 25 mile drive to get the RV;s gas tank and Chevy had it and new gas pmp installed that afternoon and we were outta there that evening. The extra week in Wauseon wasn't so bad; we made some new phriends, reaquainted with old ones and generally enjoyed  it. M Star motel charged us $50 anite (sorry they're selling and won't be there next year), Archbold Radiator phixed the tank phor $175 and Don's Chevy towed and did the R & R phor a grand and we had a pleasant drive home and are ready phor Das Awkscht Phescht in a couple weeks.  How 'bout you Barry?

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