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Jane,  I agree, I am the guilty party and "overpriced" was a poor word choice. this car would be hard to duplicate at 12K were work farmed out. Chris came to us stating that he knew little about the Crosley cars, hope he is still with us. my contention was that were he looking for an "as manufactured" high point trophy car, this was not the one for him. he needed to stop and think about what kind of Crosley he wants. it's only my opinion but for a first Crosley, he might consider a good "20 footer," one he can improve or replace as he finds where his wants fit. a good looking, solid, safe car can be purchased much cheaper and serve well as one learns and decides. fortunately the club represents the whole Crosley marque. preserved, super restored, works in progress, mild or wild custom, purpose built, even rough cars are respected and accepted, this makes the club unique and I love it. using the club as a contact, he should be able to find a suitable car, enjoy it, have fun, and still have some money to put toward his  dream. Chris stated his wife is on board and they have a 2 year old son, right now having the whole family involved might be a larger concern than having the perfect trophy or attention getter. we all know that ANY Crosley draws attention and starts conversations, anytime, anywhere. "is it a real car?" "how fast does it go?" "some kinda race car?" "what the h*** is it?" "can you drive it or do you just take it around and show it off?" "my uncle's neighbor had a wagon." "imported?"  and more, that was just at the first gas station bringing my Hot Shot home on an open trailer.  Paul Rinehart

On 7/21/2018 5:21 PM, crosleyshortsport wrote:
Jane, You are right on target. The bigger issue with the car at hand, is the fact that many parts of it are incorrect for the year and it is being put out there as original. Still a nice Crosley though. 

On Sat, Jul 21, 2018, 4:23 PM jane altman <bchjanead@...> wrote:
I know you all are VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE on how to restore a Crosley with your own hands.  BUT... To those of us who have to hire almost all, $12000 is a bargain!  My convertible is a good case:
But 2 or not at all:. $10000
Pay owner for delivery $500 (it was on his way to buy a model T)
Parts for both:. $975 ($190 for CD)
Sold CD delivery: $6500
Mechanic:  $1900 (for convertible)
Body (for convertible) $$1275
Convertible approximate total:. $14960
$12000 is sounding like a bargain to me!!


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