Re: Adjusting bolts on 6&1/2 inch clutch , clutch slips, could this be the problem ?

L.E. Hardee

Rather than messing with the finger bolts, why not just adjust the clutch linkage until you have about 1" of free clutch pedal movement before the throwout bearing engages the pressure plate.  I only adjust the finger bolts to get all three to engage evenly.

On Sat, Jul 21, 2018 at 9:15 AM, Tim Hamblen via Groups.Io <flinttim@...> wrote:
I took the Aerojet out of my 48 and put it in my 49. I did nothing to the clutch other than a new throwout bearing. Now in the 49 the clutch slips badly, never done that before . A look see shows the adjusting bolts on the pressure plate tight up against the throwout bearing. A comparison of the old and new bearing the best I can with the new in the car) and it appears that maybe the new bearing is a tad thicker than the  than the old bearing. Could it be so simple as just running the finger adjusting bolts in some ? In other words it seems the bolts are not allowing the pressure plate to fully engage.

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