Re: NooB from Ohio


Folks,  I live in Dayton, knew this Crosley existed but never ventured to see it. we can't put it all on the dealer, he may have been sold a bill of goods too. we don't know how much Crosley he knows. who actually did the work? was it finished when he bought it? did he get it partially done and get in over his head doing or having the final work done? upgrading the doors to roll up windows wasn't an accident, that and probably changing to hydraulic brakes took someone knowledgeable about Crosleys. the pictures say it's a pretty car, the seats say comfortable, the propeller is a neat touch, two tone wheels are striking. it's still an overpriced, overdone, fun driver to play with and most viewers on a Saturday evening would never know the difference. maybe the dealer is hunting a sucker or maybe he got suckered himself and needs 12K just to get out from under it.  thank goodness Chris had the insight to ask, we have begun to educate him, but the dealer is getting lessons too. I was born this month but not just this morning,,,,   Paul Rinehart

On 7/20/2018 7:30 AM, Ron Dole wrote:
$12,000, and it doesn't even have a radio. Looks like that dealer is looking for that sucker who was just born.
P.S. , .......Don't be him.

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