Re: overpriced '47 Crosley


OMG!!   another one in Ohio.  Chris, one day I will tell you the story about getting the year designation corrected on a Crosley title in Ohio.  I just looked and this "47" car is sporting a late 1946 VIN.  another no biggie consideration but if one is anal (me) and wants to run proper year of manufacture license plates he has red tape to fight.  hey, you asked for an education, we are just being accommodating....ain't cha glad ya wrote?  for 12 grand we will set you up with his and hers.. did I say Mom gets the sedan or wagon and Dad gets the Hot Shot, convertible, or pickup?  is my selfish, sexist side showing again?  oops.;-)   Paul

On 7/19/2018 10:20 AM, Greetings wrote:
Thank you everyone!  I am passing on this one for sure but my hunt begins.  Here is a link to the ad for the car in question:

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