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Chris,   The sedan typically brings less than other Crosley models to begin with. This Crosley has been "restored" to un-original condition. Looks nice, and would be more than welcome at the national meet. The fact is, the roll up windows do not match the year of the car. Theough the interior looks nice and comfortable, is is overdone. The center hood trim is incorrect, the lower door trim is incorrect for the year. The propeller is incorrect. The spare tire belongs underneath the car. The engine bay and motor will make a big difference in the value. If the engine compartment and engine is excellent, in my opinion, that sedan is worth around $8500. If the engine is not perfect, I would not spend over $6500. I have been playing with Crosleys for 47 years, however this is just my opinion.

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Paul has lots of good advice, I do want to correct the speed part. If you have a good engine and the steering and brakes are good you can drive a Crosley 50 to 55 mph, it take awhile to get there. Some drive them even faster and the Hotshot and Super Sports does feel better than a sedan at speeds over 55mph. It may take you a few hundred miles of driving a Crosley to get comfortable at speeds above 45. The transmission comment is about the fact that the transmission is not synchromesh so you have to learn to double clutch to minimize gear grinding.


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it will run with town traffic, even away from a traffic light. as long as the steering is fairly tight, 35 mph is comfortable.  if you feel like drag racing though pick on a 4 year old on a tricycle on the sidewalk. he will cry but you will win!! I hope they put good gear oil in the trans because you will grind gears until you learn not to push it. everybody does. take a rubber coated refrigerator magnet, check both ends of the rocker panels, the bottom rear of the front fenders, vertical on the front fenders between the door and the vent, and an inch up along the bottom of the doors.  bodies don't rust too bad, floors and rockers do if one sits outside in the rain much. if it has rusted and was patched with metal, the magnet will stick, if it's gobbed with bondo the magnet will have a problem depending on the thickness of the filler. check the area bottom front of the kick panel where the fender, floor, and angled toe board all come together, many you can see a bit of light peeking through. I don't think that is an original color but it is pleasant to look at. the engine bay should be body color, not black but if you are using it to chase an ice cream on Sunday afternoon or running to Crosley's soccer game in a few years who cares. go to      download an application and join.  greatest bunch of people you will ever meet.  they enjoy a perfect car but do not get hung up on little details, heck at the National Meet they accept fridges and washing machines, if it says Crosley, it belongs.    Paul

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bodies don't rust too bad
Great stuff and points to take to heart.  From my conversation today with the seller they are not wanting to come down further than the $12,000 asking price.  I would feel more comfortable closer to $10K but that’s just the salesman in me.
The dealer has some really amazing cars in their collection over there.  I’m drawn to this for sure.  It needs the ignition replaced which he has, he’s going to put it in and I’m going back to drive it.
That will be the test.  I will be schooled on exactly how SLOW SLOW can be. 

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