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Hello Art, On the Crosley engine, since there is NO separate cylinder head, the cylinder&head assembly is most commonly referred to as the BLOCK, and the aluminum center section where the crankshaft rides is usually referred to as the CRANKCASE or the CENTER SECTION. On a "normal" engine, where the crankshaft rides in the cylinder section, that assembly IS referred to as the BLOCK. Butch

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Hi Barry, Art here. I also have a "HoosierCrosley" and mine was leaking
from the oil line to the gadge and at the fuel pump. Going down to the
little trough's at the base of the cylinders and running out the front of
the engine. I'm cornfused though?? Is'nt the block and the crankcase the
same thing?? Hope this helps and where is this Hoosier Crosley from??

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