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Jeremy Rutherford

For that kind of money I would buy the that beautifully restored prewar pickup that has been been on the Crosley Facebook page, price was just lowered to 8500...

On Jul 18, 2018, at 4:44 PM, Jim Bollman <Jim@...> wrote:

I would need more pictures to make a guess on price but it would have to be pretty special mechanically to be worth 12K with what I can see from the pictures and what Paul mentioned about the interior. Shame you didn't pop in a week earlier, our Nationals were in Wauseon Ohio last week and you could have met lots of Crosley people. I'm sure you could have driven a few and learned the pros and cons of Crosley ownership. A few changed hands at the meet but I didn't really keep track of prices. 

A nice 47-48 Sedan had a price tag of $5800 on it, cosmetically it was very nice, not a stock paint job but nice. I didn't look at the interior or ask about the mechanicals since I wasn't looking for that model. I don't know if it sold or not. Here is a picture for reference. In another picture I can read the phone number and it is an Ohio number.


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Great stuff and points to take to heart.  From my conversation today with the seller they are not wanting to come down further than the $12,000 asking price.  I would feel more comfortable closer to $10K but that’s just the salesman in me.
The dealer has some really amazing cars in their collection over there.  I’m drawn to this for sure.  It needs the ignition replaced which he has, he’s going to put it in and I’m going back to drive it.
That will be the test.  I will be schooled on exactly how SLOW SLOW can be. 
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hopefully others will chime in, I am far, far from being an expert. I 
live in Dayton and have seen the ad.  things you will want to consider, 
do you want a car as original as possible to show for trophies or a 
really nice driver quality to get out and enjoy? the interior of that 
car has been redone, green and white upholstery was not available but it 
sure is pretty. the propeller is a fun touch but was only on 51 and 52 
Crosley Super models. the pictures on the web page show paint on the top 
of the left side door latch, a good sign that it has been repainted. 
someone has changed the doors to the later type with roll up windows 
instead of sliders, a very nice convenience. did they also upgrade the 
brakes? their ad says "not restored." ok, maybe not but surely freshened 
up all over.  it does look like a super nice, fun car but a word of 
warning, a Crosley is NOT the old car to buy if you have increased value 
and profit in mind. Crosleys are Fun Little Cars, a Fine Car, collector 
insurance will not kill you, but as you said there is limited use 
involved. these cars have been going way up lately in ASKING prices but 
I cannot tell you what they are actually selling for, several have been 
for sale for a long time on Craig's List and EBay. they just keep coming 
back at high prices, relisted and not selling. I'm not saying they are 
not valued at these prices, but they do not seem to be selling very 
fast. I'm used to finding rougher ones that have serious needs and they 
can be bought much cheaper. you may well prefer a finished car and be 
willing to pony up rather than mess with the time, work, and costs of 
doing one from ground up. the 8000 miles shown could be accurate, some 
of them developed problems and got put into the corner of a garage or 
barn and forgotten for many years. 15, 19, 25000 mile cars are not 
unusual. Ohio does seem to have many cruise in and show venues on 
weekends and enough back roads to putt along on, don't think you will 
jump on the freeway and zoom along with traffic though, it ain't gonna 
happen. locally they are unique and seldom seen, a People's Choice Award 
might not be out of the question. I don't envy you trying to decide, 
tough call. Paul Rinehart
On 7/18/2018 2:27 PM, Greetings wrote:
> Greetings from Ohio.  I'm Chris and I have recently came across a 1947 
> Crosley Coupe that from what I see is in amazing condition. It is 
> being sold by a classic car dealer.
> I am not familiar with Crosley cars whatsoever, however very familiar 
> with the Crosley story.  As a matter of fact I named my now 2 year old 
> son Crosley!  I feel like I want to keep this car in Ohio and not let 
> anything happen to it.



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